Jaime Lauriano



experiência concreta #1 (diálogo de mãos) [concrete experience #1 (hands dialogue)], 2017
prints of images extracted from digital newspapers, catalog of exhibitions of visual arts and manuals of survival and box of naval hardboard
60 x 60 x 4 cm
photo Filipe Berndt

Concrete experience is a series that seeks to trace relationships between works and actions developed by artists from two remarkable periods in the history of Brazilian art, namely modernism and concrete and neo-concrete art, and daily violence in Brazilian cities documented in newspapers digital images. The purpose here is not to seek a genealogy of Brazilian social thought through different ways of representing historical and social facts (fine arts and / or linked images in newspapers). However, this series of works tries to show how some everyday procedures, for example, tying hands forming the symbol of the infinite, can be present in both representations of the world.

experiência concreta #2 (diálogo de mãos) [concrete experience #2 (hand dialogue)], 2017
plastic rope, adhesive tape, plastic clamp, wire, bicycle padlock, flexible electric cable and navy plywood box
74 x 101,5 x 10 cm
photo Filipe Berndt

experiência concreta #5 (sete linhas) [concrete experience #5 (seven lines)], 2017
cube built by silver tape on wall
variable dimensions
photo Filipe Berndt