morte súbita (sudden death), 2014
video projection in loop

director Jaime Lauriano
cinematography Cassio Luiz Rothschild
editor Onze Corujas

Considered by many to be the greatest of all time, the Brazilian Football Team won the "Julies Rimet" Cup in 1970. In a spectacle transmitted, live, for the first time for the Brazilian people through television, this achievement was transformed into a heroic feat. With strong media coverage then, the Brazilian team's victory in 1970 was used as a propaganda tool for the Brazilian military regime.

The video "Morte Subita (Death Sudden)" consists of a projection with people covering their faces with shirts of the Brazilian Soccer Team. In the background an audio that mixes sounds of football stadiums (shouts, clapping, fireworks) with sounds of protests and street demonstrations (bombs, shots, shouts, etc); the trail is also composed by the reading (by a sports narrator) of the names of dead and disappeared politicians in the year 1970, the hardest year of the Brazilian military dictatorship.