terra é poder (Power is land), 2018
photos Jaime Lauriano, Marcel Avila and Patrick Chagas

Developed by the visual artist Jaime Lauriano in collaboration with Patrick Chagas and the residents of Quilombo Vó Elvira, the exhibition "Terra é poder" (Power is Land) presented drawings, photographs, audios and handicrafts developed during the period when the artist was in residence in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul.

In common, these works reflect, among other questions, how the disputes for the occupation of Brazilian teritory, structural racism and slavery. Constructed collaboratively, the works presented in "Terra é poder" (Power is Land) intend to show that the double of slavery (and, more often, the double of racism), is not only the violence of the state, but a hard resistance of people who did not accept the forced labor during slavery in Brazil. Therefore, it was chosen to show testimonies that show the current and previous resistance of Quilombola communities in Brazil, and especially in the city of Pelotas.