Jaime Lauriano – a conceptual transition
by Leonardo Araujo

The supposed office built by the artist, called by him a cabinet, transforms what is most important to him in a artwork production, to a work of intimate relations of his research objects, that are completely supported by his books, videos and mainly, by his work colleagues. Friends that are often encouraged by Lauriano to discuss and reflect new ideas that might change the slope of his artwork completely, or that might alter the course of the contemporary artistic production, as it happens in the debates of glances, listening and other histories.

In a transition moment, Jaime Lauriano leaves the traditions about the art languages aside, twists the conceptual and aesthetical values of his work itself, claiming the completeness of an exhibition as an specific space to the critical and reflexive production of the memory, enhancing the importance of rethinking the history, even if it is your own.

Anyhow, this solo exhibition wasn’t thought mandatorily for harboring works of art of its artist, it is a artwork by itself, it is the transformation and the maturation of a young artist, who mixes certainties with intellectual conflicts, modifying the researches during the production time of his art objects.